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ASUS at CES: the Zenfone 4, 5, & 6

Started by Christopher Coleman ,

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Posted Jan 6 '14 @ 4:07 PM


ASUS touts new ZenUI in three new handsets
The new Zenfone line from ASUS made their official debut earlier today at CES 2014. This lineup includes the Zenfone 4, 5, & 6, all coming in at different screen sizes (duh) with Intel Atom processors under the hood. Each device also sports ASUS' new ZenUI user interface which is described by the company as "a sublime new user interface...with simplified icons and menus." The software features a color scheme that matches your device's color (from which you have 5 to choose from.) Also on board is ASUS' own "What's Next?" feature to help users 'keep track of their lives.' Each device's camera uses

The Zenfone 4 is rocking a 4-inch 800x480 display on top of an Intel Atom 1.2ghz CPU, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, and support for 3G / HSPA+, but no LTE. The device also has a microSD slot, a front-facing camera and a 5MP shooter around the back.

tn_gallery_6_65_121620.png  tn_gallery_6_65_192601.png  tn_gallery_6_65_250144.png  tn_gallery_6_65_643600.png
The Zenfone 5 steps up the game slightly with a 2.0ghz Z2580, an 8MP camera and a 5" 720p display. Otherwise, this is pretty similar to the Zenfone 4, with the same 4GB of internal storage, 1GB of RAM, microSD support, and lack of LTE. The 5 also debuts ASUS' PixelMaster technology, offering a boost of image quality and detail when snapping low light shots.

tn_gallery_6_65_532611.png  tn_gallery_6_65_7569.png  tn_gallery_6_65_974902.png  tn_gallery_6_65_515197.png
And lastly, we have the Zenfone 6. This one contains the same CPU as the Zenfone 5, but this time we're graced with up to 2GB of RAM, 8 / 16GB of internal storage, a 6" 720p IPS display at a 13MP PixelMaster rear-facing camera.
tn_gallery_6_65_201949.png  tn_gallery_6_65_344125.png  tn_gallery_6_65_427211.png  tn_gallery_6_65_400563.png
Check the source link for all of the details straight from ASUS.

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Posted Jan 10 '14 @ 5:24 AM

I like the look of these phones and the Zen "skin" looks interesting as well.  I was very surprised with the pricing for them also. 

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