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Beats Music: what do you think?

Started by Christopher Coleman ,

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Christopher Coleman
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Posted Jan 23 '14 @ 10:25 AM

Beats Music recently debuted to much fanfare across the web. Offering what is certianly one of the more unique systems for discovering new music as well as the usual search-and-play fare for whatever you'd specifically like to listen to at that moment. The service offers over 20 million tracks on demand, with offline access in tow for $9.99 per month. A free 7 day trial is available -- just download the app to get started if you haven't already.

When you open up the app, you're presented with 'bubbles' representing different genres, and the service asks you to choose three that you prefer and you can 'pop' the ones that you'd rather not hear. On the next screen you'll do the same thing with bubbles for specific artists. After that, you're brought into the app and have a few different options for listening.

'Just For You' offers recommendations based on listening history and what you tell the app you like / dislike. 'The Sentence' lets the user get a little bit creative by filling in blanks in a sentence. The structure is as follows: I'm _______________ & feel like ______________ with _____________ to ______________. Options such as "I'm in bed & feel like punching walls with my boo to old school hip-hop" and "I'm in the future & feel like jetsetting with zombies to electronic." The options are fun and silly, but present a (mostly) unique way to let the service pick your tunes for you.

My experience has been decent, for the most part. The service has suffered some launch hiccups, attributed to the volume of users trying out the service at launch. When the apps works, it's speedy and fun to use, but doesn't seem to do a very good job of playing what I'm looking for. Musical genres can be subjective at times, and when I choose 'dance' from a list I don't expect the down-tempo experimental tracks that Beats was feeding me. In my opinion, some more specific genre options would be a nice addition.

Additionally, the app seems to want me to sign in every time I open the application, which can be very frustrating. At one point, it had forgotten all of my choices and listening history, and I had to start from scratch. Overall, the service has potential, and with some tweaks to their formula for music discovery, it could easily replace the situations where I would normally fire up Pandora.

So, we want to know; have you checked it out? Do you like it? Or, do you hate the brand too much to even give it a shot? Let us know!

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Posted Nov 13 '15 @ 9:50 AM

i love jazz music sir and will listen the beats as of your choice