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Moto sold to Lenvo

Started by Jerrod ,

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Jerrod #1

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Posted Feb 2 '14 @ 1:59 PM

By now we should have all heard that  Motorola has been sold to Lenvo.  Kinda glad I didn't go with a Moto phone, although I have no idea what the future is for the Moto X or Moto g lines.  Could turn out to be the best thing for them......Or not.


What are everyones thoughts, feelings or whatever  about this latest news?  Will it impact your idea of a Moto phone?  Will you still consider buying a Lenovo Moto phone?


There has been a lot of comment on other blogs so I would like to hear everyones thoughts.


I've read some comments from various  places.  I want to know what is going to happen to Denis?  You know the CEO - Denis Wood or Denis Woodside or whatever his name is.  The one from Google that moved over to Moto.  Anyone know what is happening to him?

 i've been though these type of things so I guess I think more about what happens to the people than what happens to the product..  Oh well...that's me. 



So give us your thoughts about this potential sale and what you think  it means for Android and future Moto products? 


Poor Denis.  I wonder if he is viewed as a failure?

C Sab #2

C Sab
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Posted Feb 2 '14 @ 4:44 PM

I see it either as either being a great opportunity for Lenovo or the downfall of Motorola. Either way I'm not gonna speculate further than that as pretty much anything can happen.

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Posted Feb 3 '14 @ 7:11 PM

This news came at the perfect time for me.. I literally had a Moto X sitting in my shopping cart with the Valentines Day Promo code. I immediately backed out, my purpose of wanting the Moto X was to have something that was close to pure Android and available on Verizon.. something to hold me over until i can see what was in the works for later this year.


I think it was a bad move but I can understand where Google was coming from. Every consumer wanted this partnership to work out, it was a long time in the making hoping there would be a Motorola Nexus phone one day.. what better then to have Google own Motorola, it was like a dream come true and then a year later this shocking news comes out. Sad but I think Google was in a bad situation for a couple of reasons... besides losing a substantial amount of money investing in Motorola, although they could've waited another year in hopes sales would pick up.. Google owning Motorola, a rival to all other manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and so on probably didnt sit right with those guys. You're in competition and then the same company that supplies you with the software goes into business with one of your competitors... not a good look and I'm sure it pissed the other manufactures off. Google always had their own Nexus line of devices but I don't think it was ever really a threat to anyone.. those devices were more for developers to test new software on a pure Android device but over time they became more popular but still weren't pushing out Samsung sale numbers.


A few observations and predictions... After the whole Google and Verizon feud with the Galaxy Nexus and then no Nexus 4 or 5... oh and don't forget the Nexus 7 LTE debacle with Verizon refusing to activate service, Google said they were working on repairing their partnership with Verizon and that we could possibly see something by the end of the year from the two. The Moto X saw KitKat on Verizon first.. before the Nexus 4 and all Google Play Editions.. very strange. Not only was Verizon first to get KitKat.. their whole new Droid lineup got updated to KitKat.. WHAT!!??? No one saw that coming in a million years.. the words Verizon and Motorola were always associated with LAST. So something very strange is going on there.. i want to say Google was playing favoritism to their new friend Motorola, but why not update your own GPE devices first? confused.


So my thoughts are.. Google needs to move out of the cross hair of the competitors and focus on what they do best.. their software. We seen these GPE devices popping up and I think they're gonna go some where. I think Google will end the Nexus phones at the end of this year with the Nexus 6.. what better timing considering Nexus was believed to be named after the Androids from the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" or the movie inspired by that book "Blade Runner". .. the Nexus 6 was the superior Android from the story. Not to mention after the Nexus 6, what does Google name its next phone when they already have a Nexus 7? I think the Nexus line will end and Google Play Edition devices will become the new "Nexus". It gives Google a chance to step out of the way of the rivalry and build a brand with all manufacturers.. multiple Nexi. Exactly what people wanted all along, to have multiple Nexus' available at the same time made by different manufacturers.


As for Lenovo now owning Motorola.. they're probably doomed lol. Seriously IDK but I would have to think being under Google was better for them.. but for the reasons mentioned above it would of never worked out. Google's a major hitter and I think it would be wise for them to go after the big picture here.. forget having one Nexus each year and fighting it out with whose going to make it. Build a brand (GPE) and slap it on every manufacturer possible. Game Over.

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