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New Year, New Gear

Started by C Sab ,

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Posted Feb 3 '14 @ 2:23 PM

Being a tech enthusiast it’s always fun to see what other people have in their repertoire and assuming other fellow techies are like me (they probably aren’t) I will do them a favor by showing what I carry around in my gear bag.



Lowepro Slingshot 302AW Camera Bag




This is the bag I carry all my techie techie stuff around in. Its main function is a camera bag, but due to the design of the pockets in the main compartment which are attached by Velcro I can customize the layout however I want which allows me to prepare for almost any situation and improve my layout. My favorite part besides that is the fact that there is an All-Weather Resistant cover that comes out of a bottom pouch which covers the whole bag and protects the bag (and by extension the contents) from rain, snow, etc. which is a smexy bonus. Plenty of other compartments and other pockets compliment the body. My other favorite part is by the design of this bag it can switch from a backpack to a messenger bag just by sliding the back along the shoulder strap. By sliding the bag down into Messenger Mode this frees up a shoulder for me to carry another bag or my tripod bag but usually, this is the only bag I need. The only bad thing is there’s no room for a 10”inch tablet unless I put it on top of the pockets and press it up against the door of the pocket which keeps me from getting anything else unless I take the tablet out first. But I live with it.


Main Gear


Nexus 5




As most of you know, as of Christmas Day I was able to retire my old Evo 3D at long last and I replaced it with the Nexus 5 of all devices. Most people thought I’d get the S4 but I was curious about having a Nexus phone after all the hype of the Nexus 4. After a month I wonder if I should have gotten the Xperia Z1 instead but I still love this phone. There were some features from other phones I would have liked to use in my everyday life but what the Nexus 5 can do for me it does flawlessly plus Android 4.4 was a nice step forward for the King of the Mobile OS’s. It feels nice to finally be able to load Ingress in less than 3 minutes.

Nexus 10




Yay, more Nexus. If you had told me a few years ago that I would own a tablet I would have pistol-whipped laughed at you. But after I got a bit of curiosity towards tablets and after all the hype behind the Nexus 4 this beauty was announced and I started making the connection. As of 2012 this tablet has been constantly reminding me just how quickly and how much our wants and needs can change.

Anyway, this is a vital part of my gear bag as I use it for the majority of my media watching, and web browsing. I got a Bluetooth keyboard to help me type out long articles on this device (one of which I’ve posted on the TAC forums already) which really helps and I got a flip-out case/stand and now my tablet experience is perfect. Despite it being not quite so top-of-the-line anymore, to me this is still one of the best 10” tablets out there no questions asked. Gorgeous screen, killer specs, amazing feeling when held, front-facing speakers, there’s everything to love about this thing even now. The price hasn’t changed since it was released but it’s still a great deal for what you get.



Nikon D3100 Camera




Sure it’s not a newer model so at this point in time it has its limits but for taking great pictures, this camera still doesn’t disappoint especially not money-wise. You could get the D3200 instead which is all-around a better camera but for someone on a budget this model does more than good enough. Its video taking capabilities are limited to only 10 minutes of recording but thanks to video editing technology this won’t be an issue. This is also my primary video-recording device for more serious videos such as video articles/reviews.

With multiple lenses this is probably the most used piece of gear in my bag, and with multiple memory cards plus the fact that the battery for this thing can last for weeks (or even months depending on how often it’s used) I know I’ll always be ready to take pictures of anything and everything.

The downside is due to the camera’s size, all the accessories and the bag’s nature it doesn’t allow me to fit a laptop into my bag which limits my image editing abilities but luckily my tablet mostly fixes this issue.




Other Accessories


Camera Lenses/Accessories: I have gathered a collection of lenses and other such accessories for my camera. These plus my camera make up the majority of what I carry around in my bag. I won’t go into detail though as most people here probably don’t care about that kind of thing.

MicroUSB to USB OTG Cable: This is such a small but useful accessory. I connect this to my Nexus 10 and I can access my extra movies, and can edit pictures from my camera’s memory card on my tablet.

USB Card Reader: This is another small but really useful accessory for me. Just slap in my memory card, and I can enjoy all the pictures of my own taking on that smexy screen of my Nexus 10.

32GB Flash Drive: Nuff’ said.

Sony MDR ZX300 Headphones: Just picked these up for about 30 bucks, and for the price these are some good-sounding and sleek-looking headphones. The band is made of plastic however so only time will tell if it’s good plastic or not especially with my heavy usage. I do plan to get a back-up pair of headphones however, so that should relieve the stress on this pair.

This is pretty much it for now, but I have a bunch of other things that I plan on adding to my bag so I’ll update this when I get new stuff.

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Posted Jan 5 '16 @ 9:39 AM

nikon camera is the best option