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Check out a video of the LG G Pro 2's KnockCode feature

Started by Christopher Coleman ,

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Christopher Coleman
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Posted Feb 18 '14 @ 8:25 AM

If you aren't up to speed on the LG G Pro 2, you can check out our previous post on the new flagship right here.

Video surfacing on YouTube a couple of days ago showed off one of the more unique software features being built into LG's new G Pro 2 smartphone. The feature is called KnockCode. KnockCode adds a layer of security to LG's tap-to-wake feature by offering over 80,000 different tap combinations that a user can choose to use to wake up their device without having to bypass or enter a separate screen lock like most "quick unlock" solutions we've tried need to do. I, for one, certainly appreciate LG's small innovation in this category and am looking forward to trying it out myself.

Thanks to Phandroid for sharing the video.

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Posted Nov 13 '15 @ 9:57 AM

nice sharing by the admin and its really a nice topics by sir

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Posted Mar 14 '16 @ 1:39 AM

It seems a quality product, but i don't see you mention the price?

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