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Moto X camera performance...opinions needed.

Started by Photopaul65 ,

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Photopaul65 #1

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Posted Feb 26 '14 @ 5:31 AM

To all Moto X owners who have had or currently own other phones, how does the camera perform on the Moto X in comparison?

I've heard everything from "terrible" to "not that bad", but have never heard anyone say "great" or even "good".

I'm looking for overall performance, not just low light which no phone camera does adequately, not even the iphone, which is what everybody seems to be bitching about.

Also, have you found a third party camera app that gives you better control/photos vs the stock app?

C Sab #2

C Sab
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Posted Feb 26 '14 @ 8:24 AM

I haven't used one in a little while but the camera on the Moto X unit I tried at Futureshop went from "not too bad" to "pretty decent" when 4.4.2 came out. 


Also, as for more control, the camera app I would recommend is this one: https://play.google....otcontrol&hl=en

Malik Suleman #3

Malik Suleman
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Posted Nov 28 '15 @ 1:43 AM

its camera are hd and good results