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Motorola does Twitter Q&A; talks Lenovo deal and new Moto X

Started by Christopher Coleman ,

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Christopher Coleman #1

Christopher Coleman
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Posted Feb 26 '14 @ 9:53 AM

Motorola had done a quick question and answer session on Twitter earlier today (@motorola) and one of the highlights was the mention of a new Moto X. It's certainly not the biggest news in the world (phone manufactuer says they are making new phone), but still a fun little tidbit to go on for those specifically looking forward to what Moto will improve with the X.

Also brought up was the Lenovo deal that went down recently. Motorola says that they will still sell phones as Motorola, and Lenovo will retain their markets, and that the two brands will not overlap. There was also a question on Moto's pricing including the company mentioning that they will not sell high-priced phones, saying the "days of the $600 phone are limited" and that they are not losing money on the Moto G.

If you want to check out all the questions and answers, head on over to Moto's Twitter feed and give it a read.

Jerrod #2

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Posted Mar 27 '14 @ 5:30 PM

Actually I don't think there is anything wrong with Moto not selling high priced phones.  Who is going to buy them?  As I look at phones today, they are all beginning to do the same thing.  You can make a call, you can text, you can play music, and you can take pictures.


Seems like there is a trend to NOT buy a phone every two years because what you get is no longer that great innovation.  Sure they are faster, the display is better, but for the average person they really don't care that much.  In my family all they want to do is send a text, read email, and view a few web pages and thus most have iphone 3G and see no reason to upgrade as long as the phone holds a charge.

Lower priced phones allow folks to buy them off contract and this is what makes me excited.  I don't want another phone on contract, and I don't want a phone that cost 600+ dollars.



malik1994 #3

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Posted Nov 13 '15 @ 9:27 AM

very informative and agree to sir that moto has high value prices