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*** ~ Can't Locate GPS ~ ***

Started by droidiscute9461 ,

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Posted Feb 28 '14 @ 1:40 PM

phone can't find gps, no idea why.. im really really annoyed and upset and don't like computers...

nothing worked --



Phone Model: SPH-D710 (samsung epic)
Android Version: 4.1.2
Baseband Version: S:D710.10 S.GB27
Does anyone know how to troubleshoot?
*** ~ Can't Locate GPS ~ ***

Updated by droidiscute9461, Feb 28 '14 @ 1:46 PM.

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Posted Feb 28 '14 @ 3:07 PM

Sorry, but it's most likely that particular phone. I'm seeing tons of GPS issues being reported with that particular device. Google search "Samsung Epic GPS issues" and you'll see a list of complaints. Some reported rebooting the phone sometimes helps but there doesn't seem to be a set fix. The problem is with Samsungs hardware being used in the phone. Might be time to upgrade if you can.


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