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Google Play dev account - problem

Started by conradfredrick ,

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conradfredrick #1

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Posted May 7 '14 @ 2:37 AM

I`m a new Android developer and I want to publish my application on Google Play. I have made a new Google Play developer account  but I encounter a problem when I try to make a payment. My card has enough money on it (more than $ 25) but Google Wallet is not processing my payment. My card is linked to my Paypal account and there is no problem with it. I tried to create another account thinking that everything will be fine. Unfortunately Google Wallet does not accept my card and this is the only card that I have. Is there anyone who has a developer account in good standing which is no longer useful to him? I will transfer the amount I have to pay to Google Wallet via Paypal. 
Thank you for your help.

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Posted Nov 10 '15 @ 10:21 PM

consult to andriod developers