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Htc one camera is best?

Started by gotecny ,

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gotecny #1

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Posted May 20 '15 @ 8:03 AM

We've seen on HTC devices, social-media integration is just as strong and the sleeker diesign HTC one phone's 8-megapixel camera relies on a dedicated image processor for quick performance. Better yet, it's even possible to grab HD frames videos.

ethany #2

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Posted Nov 8 '15 @ 5:59 PM

You should talk about a detail information, which version of HTC one? M8, m7 or M9? I think HTC one is a premium mobile type so in general, the camera of this series is good enough for take outdoor picture and selfie too

Malik Suleman #3

Malik Suleman
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Posted Nov 16 '15 @ 2:05 PM

htc m8 eye camera is the best