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Car Racing-[Android] [Free Game]

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Posted Jul 24 '15 @ 3:12 AM

Car Racing



    Real feeling with  exciting competition in our Car Racing game by HugeBob!

   This is new and lovely game for Car Racing lovers. During playing game, Car Racing takes from you more attention and gives you adrenaline rush. Due to interesting construction and awesome design, you don't even notice how time passes.

   Here is some features for Car Racing game:

  Essence of Car Racing game, is to pick up many gold coins. In Car Racing game time is limited, but you can gain time, if you will gather more petrol containers. Running out of time will cause you to lose game. In Car Racing game there is a constant traffic road, where other cars are racing, and you should overtake them. As a real racer, you should bypass machines. Play Car Racing game with the help of your two hands by tapping right and left sides of the screen on your phone, if you want to stop your car click in middle. As a result you can see your best score.

  Discover our Car Racing game, that have a special focus on game design and addictive game-play. So feel free to download and play Car Racing game. Receive pleasure from our exciting Car Racing game.


Website Developer: http://huge-it.com/

Google Play: https://play.google....gebob.carracing

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