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Now Design your Posts at your Mobile using Photex

Started by Junaid1122 ,

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Junaid1122 #1

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Posted May 24 '16 @ 3:27 AM

Posting on social media is an addiction now-a-days…
Now make your own posts or wallpapers in your mobiles in an easy and simple way through picture editor. Make attractive and fabulous designs and add text on photo.

Photex is the best pic editor app through you can easily create love, Birthday, Islamic, poetry Posts etc. Must download this text photo editor and have fun.

 add text on photo it will really help you as Post maker in advertising for business, media groups, poetry/shairy writers and Islamic post designers


Now you can design your own photo on Photex:
1- Quranic verses posts
2- Ahadith post

3- Poetry post

4- Funny post
5- Eid greeting cards
6- Signature maker
7- Wallpapers
8- Ads campaign and advertisement
9- Love letters
10- Invitation cards
11- Quotes of the day
12- Valentine Day Card

annarichart #2

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Posted Dec 12 '16 @ 5:25 PM

I search Photex on GG store, but there are a lot of apps named Photex. It made me so confused. 

Sorry for bothering you but can you send me the logo or image of this app that you mentioned above? 

martin smith #3

martin smith
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Posted Apr 7 '17 @ 2:54 AM

Nice.. Thanks for sharing the information...