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EPIC Warcraft film FX

Started by kate29 ,

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Posted Jun 12 '16 @ 2:25 AM

June 8th, dawn, Warcraft film’s premiere. With over 100 million fans and Warcrafters swarming the theater, it swept all around the world like cyclone. Are you the first ones of Azeroth to go to the theater? 


Because of this premiere day, all cities, all theaters around the globe including China (except North Korea I suppose?) have been lit, that’s what we call “ignition”. Statistics shows that, Imax pre-sales for “Warcraft” have already reached a record $6 million in China, far ahead of the $3.7 million for “Captain America: Civil War” on the day before opening. It’s also sold out all of the 285 Imax midnight screenings with $825,000 in advance sales, surpassing the $810,000 record for “Furious 7.” And no doubt… the momentum is not gonna stop.

So, maybe some of you didn’t go to the premiere for different reasons, but many fans did. You may also have missed some “unconventional issue”…

According to several microblog posts, last night in Shanghai, audiences in one of the theaters experienced an embarrassing moment (for the theater officials though). As the movie going halfway as normal, bluescreen takes place instead, happened all of a sudden. Seeing this, everyone pulled out their phones, selfie themselves with the screen, silver screen… oops, blue screen. This is a moment that we’ll never run into again in a hundred years, the whole theater was thrilled. From what was displayed, apparently, the projecting PC has refused to work. And as what you can expect, that’s a Windows 7 OS…



Comments from microblog:
- “Yo, dude, get me a PC that meets the minimum hardware requirement of Warcraft movie, will ya?”
- “A staff from the Horde was fighting another from the Alliance in the room above and kicked the computer dead, I guess?”

- “I was in the theater, the blue screen lasted one and a half minute, this is for real, I’m not shitting you guys, loooool”

- "Yes, that was no glitch, that was FX, I assure you."




Yes, I'm totally with what that last guy said.

That was an EPIC FX!



Original news from: http://www.koplayer....60.html?flag=cs


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Posted Aug 22 '16 @ 1:13 AM


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