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Disabling Apps on HTC One Without Root

Started by creccaj ,
HTC One Applications Apps Settings

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Posted Apr 28 '13 @ 8:18 AM

Disabling Applications without Root on HTC One


Its not secret that phone carriers are bloating up your phone with applications that you will probably never use.  Unfortunately its just the way it is unless you get an unlocked device direct from HTC.  However, AT&T has been kind enough to allow us to disable applications that it installs on the device without having to get root access.  I can't say the same for Sprint or T-Mobile models but I am only aware of Verizon being the carrier that does not allow you disable apps without root.  This same process will apply to all carrier models, it will just depend on what your carrier will allow you to disable or not.  


Why should I disable "bloat" applications?  Well you don't have to, its all personal preference.  I disable them so that they can't run in the background for anything and so that they don't take up room in the app drawer.  If you disable the proper applications it wont affect your phone in any negative way, it will just clean some things up in the app drawer and will stop certain apps from eating up your system resources.  So here is the process....


First - Go to your settings and locate Apps selection:



Second - Scroll over to the ALL tab under your Apps settings window:




Third - Select the App you want to Disable and you will see two options: Force Stop and Disable:



Forth- Click the Disabled button and you should see the option change to "Enable":



Fifth - Go back to your Applications list and make sure next to the app it says "Disabled":



Simple as that!  I usually disable only the carrier specific apps because I never use them but if you want to disable more feel free but because of what you disable. You could get some instability if you disable something that is required to run Android.  I will go through all the apps that come on the AT&T HTC One and will compile a list of apps that are safe to disable.  



Updated by creccaj, Apr 28 '13 @ 8:23 AM.

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