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Started by Zitga ,

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Posted Feb 3 '17 @ 1:26 AM

What’s new in map 3 Frost Mountain?


In terms of graphics, of course, this will be the most visible change compared to the last and the first  map. In this latest map will have brighter colors, no dark as much as map 1 and 2. Background in the game is the ruins that were left after the battle against the dark forces.

About the  gameplay, there is a clear point in map 3 is the game will be more difficult, and of course if your stickman was not be upgraded regularly, it will hardly be able to pass the map. In addition, there are some other challenges such as the stickman can’t runs through the ice rock, etc. In particular, the map 3 Frost Mountain will be difficult to control the character than a lot of times, stickman will run and slide on the ice a long passage, sometimes caused by excessive slip longer monsters attack lead to loss of blood


According to the developers, the game Stickman Legends will have a total of 5 as the following map and the game difficulty is increasing a lot.

To experience more, download the game and play now.



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Posted Jun 12 '17 @ 5:25 PM

That looks quite interesting. I used to play this game but it doesn't really appealing to me. This map design and idea seems to look fascinating though.