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Can you switch data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy?

Started by grayson ,

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grayson #1

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Posted Mar 20 '17 @ 8:09 PM

I've been using iPhone for several years and lately I've thought about switching to an android phone. I think Samsung Galaxy s7 is a perfect fit for me. Is there any way to transfer your data from iPhone 6 to Samsung?

Appreciate all the help I can get!

ruyan #2

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Posted Apr 5 '17 @ 9:33 PM

Actually, data like contacts, text messages, photos, music files, etc can be easily transferred from iPhone to Samsung by using mobile phone transfer tool. There are lots of such tools online, just choose the one you like. 

Cassatty #3

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Posted Apr 24 '17 @ 12:33 AM

Here, we could like to strongly recommend this Samsung Transfer for your reference. This tool allows users transfer data from phone to phone directly, and also enables users to transfer data from android to iPhone well.