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ID Card Generator Fake ID Card

Started by Shanzy khan ,

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Posted May 16 '17 @ 5:19 AM

You may add your company logo in this company id card maker application to improve the quality of employee cards or college cards and impress the people near by you.
How to make the Fake Card:
Open up the particular id card generator fake id card.
Click the particular camera icon to choose the particular picture
• From Photo gallery
• Snap through camera
• Enter your own name
• Enter your own university name
• Enter your time and energy of birth
• Enter your own personal student ID
• Enter your own personal class
• Enter your handle
• Enter your Blood group
And your card is ready….

n1z80i.jpg  ekhshs.jpg


2lc30bl.jpg  dc8ttv.jpg


To Download this application Click:


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