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The HTC First is so bad that AT&T may have already axed it

Started by dmmarck ,
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Posted May 13 '13 @ 7:02 PM

Courtesy of BGR.



We’re told that AT&T sales representatives do not like Facebook Home or the First at all, and they are making little if any effort to sell the handset to customers.


It should be noted that AT&T has denied this rumor, so take it with a grain of salt.  That being said, Facebook Home should be seen as nothing less than a catastrophic failure at every level, from its horrendous Play Store reviews to the fact that almost everyone who downloaded it uninstalled it almost immediately.


Do you have an HTC First?  Is it as bad as everyone says?


Or perhaps more importantly, have you used Facebook Home as your default launcher?  If so, were you able to tolerate it for more than ten minutes?


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Posted May 20 '13 @ 5:14 PM

I've heard that Home is bad. I'm not surprised, FB is on my lowered expectations list. That said, on the word of others, I've heard the First is a decent midrange device without it. I'm sure that the hardcore, high end users, like many here, would never consider the First as their device, but for non enthusiasts, it might fit the bill. If ATT sales reps won't show it though, it will probably die a quiet, unmourned death.