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[How-To] Root Google Nexus 10 & Install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery (Mac/PC)

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Posted May 14 '13 @ 4:13 PM




The guide will take you through flashing CWM Touch Recovery on the device, allowing you to flash the SuperSu binary package. Additionally, instructions to restoring to a pre-root condition will also follow.
1. To begin, download the CWM Touch recovery and copy the file to the ‘platform-tools’ folder where fastboot.exe is. For your ease and convenience, rename CWM Touch recovery to "recovery".
2. Download SuperSU binary package, and copy it to the root of the Nexus 10 storage.
3. Time to flash the recovery. Put your Nexus 10 into bootloader mode by holding the power button + both volume buttons at the same time and hold until the tablet starts up into the bootloader screen. 
In Windows, open command prompt, switch to the path where ‘recovery.img’ is and enter the following command:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

For Mac, navigate to the file’s location in the terminal and enter the following command:

./fastboot-mac flash recovery recovery.img 

For Linux, navigate to the file’s location in the terminal and enter the following command:

./fastboot-linux flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch- 

4) Go back to your Nexus 10's bootloader screen and once there, use the volume keys to navigate to ‘recovery’ and hit the power button to select it.
5) If you booted into the recovery just fine, now would be a good time to make a Nandroid backup from ‘backup and restore’ so you have a safe point to return to.
6) Navigate to ‘install zip from sdcard’ > ‘choose zip from sdcard’ and select the SuperSU zip file.
7) Once the package has been installed, simply reboot the device.
Now, when the phone reboots, check your app drawer for SuperSU. If you find it, you’re device has been successfully rooted.

Enjoy!  :)
Restore To Pre-Root Condition From Backup 
If you want to go back to how it was before you rooted the device, or are stuck in that infamous bootloop and are unable to boot into CWM Touch Recovery (like in Step 4 above), there’s no need to panic. You can still restore the backup you made in step 5 of the above method.
1. Boot into fastboot mode.

2. Boot into the CWM Touch recovery you copied to the platform-tools folder using the following terminal command:

fastboot boot recovery.img

3. Navigate to ‘backup and restore’ and restore the backup you made earlier.
That is it.. once the backup is restored, simply reboot your device and cross you fingers. Things should go back to just the way they were.


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