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Meet The Staff

Started by Cory Streater ,

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Cory Streater #1

Cory Streater
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Posted May 15 '13 @ 8:23 AM

My name is Cory Streater, owner and co-operator of The Android Channel. 


I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest where I love to hike, camp, and spend time with friends & family. 


My introduction to the world of Android began in November 2009 with the original Motorola Droid. Since that time, I’ve had an opportunity to experience all the greatness that Android has to offer – granular customization, strong community support, and the benefits of open source development.


I previously served as Forums Administrator at Mobile Nation’s – a publishing network that includes five forum communities: Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, WindowsPhone Central, and webOS Nation.


My responsibilities included major forum software upgrades, web development, custom applications development, cross-site moderator training, and overseeing the daily operations and uptime of each of the respective forum communities.


I was also Android Central’s Community Manager between November 2009 and November 2012.  During my tenure the forums grew from a few thousand members to over 1.1 million!


I’m proud to have implemented and managed Android Central’s volunteer Moderator, Developer, and Adviser groups -- because it is their passion and dedication that resulted in the tremendous growth of the forums. Selfless volunteers of all types contributed hundreds and thousands of hours of their own time for the sake of helping others. I found this both impressive & highly motivating, and I'm honored that several have chosen to join me in launching The Android Channel.


Many are surprised to hear that I was a volunteer that burned the midnight and weekend oil at Mobile Nation’s and Android Central. Professionally, I've been a Security Software Sales Engineer dating back to 2001. I have worked at companies such as WatchGuard, Ericsson, and most recently NetMotion Wireless.


I resigned from Mobile Nations this past November, and left NetMotion Wireless this past January to assume the roll of primary caregiver of  a mother with cancer and a father with Alzheimer’s disease. My experiences over these last 9 months have been intense, stressful, rewarding, and life changing. Each day is a struggle, but each day is also an opportunity to learn and be grateful for all that I’ve been given. 


I have several non-conventional hobbies, many of which are the result of developing The Android Channel. Over the past several months, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in the areas of server deployment, configuration, and management; web design and development; and various coding languages.


Thanks for reading, and welcome to the community!

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Cyber Warrior #2

Cyber Warrior
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Posted May 15 '13 @ 12:18 PM

Some say that he seems to have been born pre-programmed to run Photoshop and his skills top the chart.. it turns out.. they were right.

An innovator, creative, focused, intuitive, perfectionist-  some words to describe Eric, a graphic designer in the New York area who is fuelled by his passion for art and is driven to make it to the top and be his best. Eric, or as others call him 'Cyber'.. specializes in all subjects of design, ranging from but not limited to: print design, logo design, web design, branding, typography and advertising with the majority of his time spent designing and implementing marketing promotions for businesses such as logos, websites, letterhead, business cards, packaging and more.
Eric's journey into the smartphone world started with the Nextel Blackberry 7520 but his real obsession started when Verizon released the Blackberry Storm.. the first touchscreen device that was destined to compete against the ever so popular iPhone. His obsession continued onto the Blackberry Storm 2 while at the same time Android was making its name known in the smartphone market. Frustrated with Blackberrys lack of innovation, Eric couldn't resist the temptation and the hype of Verizon's flagship device- the Droid X. Before RIM had the chance to completely self destruct themselves in the touchscreen business with the Storm 2.5, Eric jumped ship and purchased his first Android.. the Droid X and has never looked back since.
While overly impressed by Androids responsiveness and options for customization, he felt lost being on a whole new operating system but he was determined to learn because he knew of its potential, so he spent hours, days and months researching various online forums. Before he knew it, he was now an Android guru and felt compelled to return the favor of those who helped him get started and began giving back to the Android community himself helping other members by answering their technical troubles and overall questions. As his knowledge grew, so did his obsession and before he knew it, he was doing things to his devices that he never could have dreamed of like hacking, rooting, modding and every other kind of customization he could get his hands on. 
Last but not least, when Eric's not in front of a computer or one of his Android devices, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 year old daughter whom which he loves and adores.


"It gives me such great happiness volunteering my time to something that I'm so passionate about and the satisfaction of knowing that I've helped someone is like no other" - Eric 


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: : C  H  A  N  N  E  L   Y  O  U  R    M  E  D  I  A : :

Christopher Coleman #3

Christopher Coleman
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Posted May 15 '13 @ 12:18 PM

Hey everybody.  Chris here.  24 years old, currently living life in the armpit of Southern Illinois, "enjoying" its bipolar weather conditions and bad drivers.  I work part time at an arcade / pizza place (think Chuck E Cheese but less crowded and with beer...but not as cool as D&Bs.)  When I'm not at work, I'm spending time with my best friend and his son (my 'brother' and  'nephew' for all intents and purposes).  At home, I fill my days / nights with spoiling my dog, brainstorming and working on content for this wonderful site you've stumbled upon, reading tech blogs, and dabbling in video / audio production.  I've also recently began expanding my knowledge of various coding languages to hopefully land a job that pays more than minimum wage. No family of my own or kids to speak of yet, but I aspire to find a nice guy to start a family with one day.


A brief nerd-history on myself: I began learning BASIC programming pretty much as soon as I knew how to walk, talk, and read.  Tinkering with an old TRS-80 for hours on end kept me occupied for a while, but I soon moved on to QBasic and various other forms of the language on PC.  Working with computers has always been sort of a natural talent with me, and combined with some semi-frequent sparks of creativity, I had never felt more comfortable doing anything in my life, and that is still true to this day.  Fast forward quite a few years, I was interested in smartphones and happened to be in the market for one.  An LG Optimus V was in my price range, which was honestly the only reason I purchased it (I was originally scoping out Windows Phone.)  I fell in love almost instantly with the ease of use, the hackability, and the combination of simplistic designs on top of this amazingly robust operating system.  I moved on from that to a Kyocera Rise, which only lasted for a few months.  I guess I decided to finally grow up and get some legitimate service, so I'm rocking a Motorola RAZR MAXX on Alltel (and eagerly awaiting the AT&T buyout.)  I also use my Nexus 7 frequently.


I was previously a Forums Moderator at Android Central, and overall definitely enjoyed my time there.  It gave me some great experience, and really helped me to grow personally as well as professionally.  I also ended up with some pretty cool people who I am honored to call my friends, one of them being Cory, so when the prospect of joining him here at TAC and helping build the site from the ground up came into play, I couldn't say no.  It's great to be here and I'm looking forward to getting to know all our new members and helping to build a welcoming, helpful, and fun community with the staff as well as all of you.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Hope you guys have as much fun as I am!



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Posted May 15 '13 @ 12:18 PM

Dylan is an obsessed Android fanatic, largely focused on Android software and hacking. Dylan’s obsession grew from his history as a gearhead and lover of all things automobile. While he often breaks everything he touches, he finds value and peace in fixing and tweaking all manner of things to his satisfaction, including his phone and its software.


Dylan’s Android history began with an HTC Droid Incredible, which he rooted and flashed within mere weeks of ownership. The Incredible gave way to the Galaxy Nexus, a device that allowed him to fully realize his love of the Android Operating System, flashing, ROMs, kernels, and the like. Naturally, a Nexus 7 followed, a device he currently uses (and tinkers with) daily. Recently, Dylan traded his Verizon Galaxy Nexus for an AT&T HTC One, a device so antithetical to his Nexii that it could only signify a radical departure in his preferences (and, perhaps, sanity).  

When Dylan is not posting at The Android Channel, he is spending time with his fiancée or indulging other hobbies, like reading and traditional wet shaving. In addition, Dylan has an infatuation with his current car, a 2013 Mustang GT; a healthy level of distrust of the government; and a belief in the existence of extraterrestrial biological entities.



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Posted May 15 '13 @ 12:20 PM

Jon has been an Android enthusiast as well as an overall technology enthusiast for the better part of 5 years now. Ever since the days of building his first computer he has had an obsession with anything to do with technology, computing, gaming and electronics. Android has been the cornerstone with this passion and has been since he purchased his original Android device, the original Motorola Droid.

Since then he has gone through the ranks of Verizon Android phones and most recently switched to AT&T to acquire the HTC One. While this all may be a hobby, he is accountant by profession. He has been working at one of the largest accounting firms outside the “big four” since November of 2012. Jon is a recent college graduate with a double major in Accounting and Management Information Systems. Accounting was his profession of choice for following in his parents footsteps as well as his love of problem solving.

While he has been a tech lover for years, the past 2 years have really been the cornerstone for his love of Android; mainly with the Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy Nexus was and still is considered his overall favorite phone. While the HTC Ones comes in on a very close second, Jon can’t deny that the Galaxy Nexus has changed the way he viewed Android and smartphones as a whole. Jon is not a programmer, hacker or developer. He is an everyday guy who has a love for everything Android. He considers them his toys, albeit expense, but toys none the less.
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