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Removing Carrier Bloatware

Started by Cory Streater ,

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Posted May 17 '13 @ 9:52 PM



A lot of people root their phone's because they want to remove that pesky bloatware. After they've rooted (Either with their Mac or with their PC), they often ask, "Now how do I move the bloatware?" This procedure answers that question in detail. I use a file explorer called "Root Explorer" in this post because it's the most popular app when it comes to folder mounting and file manipulation. It's a paid app and will cost you a double tall latte.




  • Before you start making changes, I would strongly recommend backing up your device with a program like Titanium Backup (also in the market).
  • Do not delete files either, you can rename them from <filename.apk> to <filename.apk.old> Or you can follow the procedure below to help you learn how to move them. Historically, on other phones, OTA updates have failed if apps don't exist. The system folder had to be exactly the way it was when the phone shipped. Before you rename or move an app in the /system/app folder, please check with your own devices forum for apps that are safe to remove once rooted. If it is not listed, or you are unsure if it is safe to modify, please ask first. 
  • If an APK file also has an associated ODEX file, the ODEX can be renamed/moved also.


For this tutorial, I will be demonstrating how to remove some of Verizon's bloat off of of their HTC line of Android devices.

Steps 1 & 2: Download, install, and open Root Explorer:

Steps 3 - 5: Use Root Explorer to get to the bloatware:

Steps 6 - 8: Select the bloatware you want to move and click move (don't forget to check with your own devices list of safe apps to remove):

Steps 9 - 11: Navigate to the sdcard -- where the bloatware will be moved to:


Steps 12 - 14: Create a new folder on your SD card -- to park those files -- and then paste/move them in there:


The Bloatware has been moved. Depending on which apps you moved over - you might get a few force closes: