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WiFi File Synchronization and Media Transfers Made Easy

Started by Cyber Warrior ,
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Posted May 18 '13 @ 4:54 AM

Mounting your Android phone to transfer files is fast and efficient, but nothing beats the convenience of a wireless file transfer. Today, I’ll show you how to transfer files between Android and your computer without a USB cable.

WiFi File Explorer uses your Android device's Wi-Fi connection to join your wireless network, then creates a little Web server on your network that lets you browse your files from any other computer on the network. So you just go to your PC, type the IP address and port number the app gives you, such as, and then you'll see a list of your phone's files and folders in your browser window.


The app includes a password protection option, which should probably be enabled by default, but isn't. I'd suggest enabling it on first use.

In addition to just copying files, you can stream music and video from your device. The pro version, which costs less than two bucks, adds the ability to create new directories on your phone, download multiple files from the device simultaneously, download whole directories, stream media playlists, backup your entire device, and more.

How to use Wifi File Explorer:

  • Download the WiFi File Explorer App to your Android device
  • Open the app on your Android device
  • The app will display a web url address (ex.
  • Now type in that web url address on your computer in your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc)
  • It will now display all the files on your Android device (you can either download files to your computer, or upload files to the Android device)
  • Transfer away!

*note: for large files, you’ll probably still want to use a usb cable for faster transfers instead of this wireless method.

Cloud storage is becoming the norm for keeping files stored, and Dropbox is at the front of that revolution. But in addition to keeping files stored and synced, you can also use it as a makeshift file transfer application, with or without WiFi. File transfers aren’t quite as fast as they would be with direct WiFi transfer, but it can be a little more flexible to work with.


The first step is moving whatever file you want to transfer to your Dropbox storage space. You can do this through a web browser or you can download the Dropbox application on a PC or Mac to have easy access to it. This is definitely the slowest part, as most people don’t have speedy upload speeds for their internet. Generally, though, for a few pictures or songs, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. After the files are moved onto Dropbox, you can access them through the Dropbox app on your Android phone. Download speeds vary here, and if you’re using 3G or 4G, it’ll eat a bit into your data cap, but this works extremely well if you’re at a friend’s house without your USB cable and you need to save a few files off of their computer. You can also favorite any files on your Android device that you want to store for offline access, including pictures, music, and documents. It’s also great for keeping folders synced between your phone and computer.

AirDroid is a free android app for all supported android devices which connects your phone to your PC through "any browser of choice" and can upload and download any file from your phone to your PC and vice versa. Wireless via WiFi connection, fast and reliable.

You can send and receive SMS to anyone straight from your PC! You don't even need to bother looking at your phone while browsing or doing something else in your PC or laptop. A new SMS notification will automatically appear on the page of AirDroid whenever you receive a new sms. You can copy messages and search contacts and you can use the easy group text messaging.


Manage your apps and organize all your files through AirDroid by simply clicking on the Music, Apps, Photos or video icons. You can take control of your android device with its user-friendly Task Manager and Apps Manager. You can even take screenshots directly from your phone to your PC, just go to the image that you want to take and click the screenshot button on your PC and voila!

How to use AirDroid:
Note: Before you start, make sure your PC and Android device are connected to the same network.

  • Download AirDroid from the Google Play to your Android device.
  • Open AirDroid and open your favorite broswer in your PC.
  • On your broswer go to http://web.airdroid.com you will see a QR code and a passcode login bar.
  • Click the camera icon in your mobile device. (Its on the bottom of the Airdroid app screen).
  • Scan the QR code using your Android device.
  • Enjoy using AirDrioid!

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Posted Nov 5 '15 @ 10:09 PM

AirDroid is great