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[How to] Transfer music To your android device

Started by Nexusisneecesary ,

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Posted May 20 '13 @ 1:14 PM

If you're new to Android,then chances are you have some music you need to transfer over to your brand new phone or tablet.You may be thinking that you will have to buy all the music you purchased in itunes again.However this is not the case.Our good friends over at google have a provided a seamless way for you to do this.It requires a little bit of work.But hey you'll save yourself a good chunk of change in the process.Google's Music Manager The process is simple.You download the music manager,sit back and let the magic start:)


Google Music Manager is a downloadable application that will upload your music from itunes straight to your google account where it will be available to stream.You can upload a maximum of 20,000 songs for free.This is an easy way transfer over all that music you purchased before you discovered the benefits of android


It doesn't matter if the account you used with itunes is not the same as the one your using for your google services. Your music will transfer without a problem.You can also choose to upload your music from a folder if you do not use itunes.Make sure you use the correct Gmail account(The one you use to purchase games on the play store.) while uploading your music or you will have to upload it again.

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Posted Feb 8 '17 @ 9:55 AM

Very unique information for me thanks.

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