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My Intro

Started by Eibbed0001 ,

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Posted May 20 '13 @ 1:52 PM

Saw the link by Cory on Google+ and thought I'd check it out. When I first bought an Android phone 3-4 years ago I found Android Central and learned a lot about Android and rooting a phone (Fascinate at the time). I really appreciated the help and advice I received from that site and am interested to see what this one will have to offer - and what I can offer to others.


I really like my new phone, the Galaxy S3 from Verizon - rooted but not custom ROM'd.

Updated by Eibbed0001, May 20 '13 @ 2:01 PM.

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Posted May 20 '13 @ 2:40 PM

Welcome to the forums.. thanks for joining. :)

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Posted May 20 '13 @ 6:21 PM

Welcome!  I hope to see you around!

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Posted May 21 '13 @ 10:51 PM

Welcome, Eibbed0001. Those were good times. I remember staying up all night many times writing up procedures every time some leak or custom ROM would come out. In fact, that phone got my mug on the front page of Engadget lol

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