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Google ROM on the AT&T S4?

Started by hutchinson ,

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hutchinson #1

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Posted May 23 '13 @ 2:17 PM

Hi everyone,


I currently have the AT&T S4 and wondered if anyone knows if I will be able to flash the Google version when it comes out? 


Jessesmith888 #2

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Posted May 23 '13 @ 4:52 PM

Quick answer : yes

But you will need to wait for someone like cyanogenmod or aokp to release a rom for that phone.

Stick around, read and learn before you attempt to mod your phone and you will have exactly what you want.

I suggest reading up on (aosp) and rooting before you try.

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dmmarck #3

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Posted May 23 '13 @ 6:17 PM

Most likely, once everything is ported over.  It won't be a "straight" flash, meaning someone will have to adapt it.

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