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So i have been using the mobile version of the site on my desktop..how about you?

Started by Nexusisneecesary ,

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Posted May 24 '13 @ 3:51 PM

Have you been using the mobile or desktop theme of the site?

Updated by Cory Streater, May 25 '13 @ 7:30 AM.
Removed option that no longer exists.

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Posted May 25 '13 @ 7:29 AM

I'm glad you brought this up.  The third option you gave earlier wasn't supposed to be there. It was for testing purposes only and is installed with the core software. If you did see it,  you must have seen a real difference between it and what we have now.  There was a lot of effort put into getting us here. 


The TAC Mobile theme had an issue where members, that had switched to that view,  were getting "stuck" in that theme and were unable to switch to full desktop view. I have fixed that problem. 


Currently,  we do not force viewers to the mobile theme,  but analytics data shows that a surprising number of guests still carry devices with 340 X 620 screens,  so perhaps it makes sense to switch users automatically when they show up. 


Better yet,  I'm working on something called a responsive layout.  A layout that automatically reflows the full desktop version in a format that changes in size and positioning of screen elements automatically based on screen resolution,  without having to pinch to zoom or lose features that you'd normally expect when you login via the desktop  A lot of sites are doing this. The Next Web is one example of this. 


That said,  our current mobile theme is damn nice looking. 

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Posted Jan 5 '16 @ 10:33 AM

i am using v 4.0 in my mobile