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20 Battery Saving Tips for the HTC One

Started by Cory Streater ,

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Posted May 27 '13 @ 9:29 PM

How long the battery can last before it needs recharging depends on how you use HTC One. HTC One power management helps to increase battery life.
In times when you need to extend the battery life more, try out some of these tips:
  • Check your battery usage. Monitoring your battery usage helps you identify what's using the most power so you can choose what to do about it.
    • Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap Power > Usage.
    • Tap an app to check how it's using the battery. You'll see how much battery power is used by resources such as the CPU for the app and other use details.
  • Turn off wireless connections you're not using. To turn on or off connections such as mobile data, Wi‐Fi, or Bluetooth, go to
    • Settings and tap their On/Off switches.
    • Turn GPS on only when a precise location is needed.
    • To prevent some apps from using GPS in the background, keep the GPS satellites setting off. Turn it on only when you need your precise location while using navigation or location-based apps. Go to Settings and tap Location to turn this setting on or off.
  • Manage your display:
    • Lowering the brightness, letting the display sleep when not in use, and keeping it simple helps save battery power.
    • Use automatic brightness (the default), or manually lower the brightness. Set the screen timeout to a shorter time.
  • If Data connection is selected, HTC One automatically disconnects from the mobile network after 15 minutes when the screen is off and the data connection is idle (no download activity, streaming, or data usage). It reconnects and then disconnects periodically when the data connection is idle to save battery power.
  • Don't use a live wallpaper for your Home screen. Animation effects are nice to show off to other people but they drain your battery.
  • Changing your wallpaper to a plain, black background can also help a little.
  • Set the web browser to auto dim the screen while webpages load. Open the Internet app, and then tap > Settings > Accessibility > Dim screen during page loading.
  • Stay up to date with the latest software and application and system updates. Updates sometimes include battery performance improvements.
  • Uninstall or disable apps that you never use.
  • Many apps run processes or sync data in the background even when you're not using them. If there are apps that you don't need anymore, uninstall them.
  • If an app came preloaded and can't be uninstalled, disabling the app can still prevent it from continuously running or syncing data. In Settings > Apps, swipe to the All tab, tap the app, and then tap Disable.
  • Limit background data and sync: Background data and sync can use a lot of battery power if you have many apps syncing data in the background. It’s recommended not to let apps sync data too often. Determine which apps can be set with longer sync times, or sync manually.
  • In Settings, tap Accounts & sync and check what types of data are being synced in your online accounts. When the battery is starting to run low, temporarily disable syncing some data.
  • If you have many email accounts, consider prolonging the sync time of some accounts:
    • In the Mail app, select an account, tap > Settings > Sync, Send & Receive, and then adjust the settings under Sync schedule.
  • When you’re not traveling from one place to another, sync weather updates of only your current location, rather than in all of your named cities. Open the Weather app, and then tap > Edit to remove unneeded cities.
  • Choose widgets wisely. Some widgets constantly sync data. Consider removing the ones that are not important from your Home screen.
  • In Play Store, tap > Settings, and then clear Auto-add widgets to avoid automatically adding Home screen widgets whenever you've installed new apps. Also clear Auto-update apps if you're fine with updating apps from Play Store manually.
  • Tone down the ringtone and media volume.
  • Minimize the use of vibration or sound feedback. In Settings, tap Sound and choose which ones you don't need and can disable.
  • Check your apps’ settings as you may find more options to optimize the battery.

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Posted May 28 '13 @ 5:37 AM

Just to add, with mail accounts, you can mess with peak time sync schedules and have it push during peak time and have it sync via another increment for off peak time.  I do 7am-7pm (peak) and then smart sync for the rest.  This saves battery and data.

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