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Moto X to be assembled in the USA

Started by Christopher Coleman ,
Motorola xphone x phone

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Christopher Coleman #1

Christopher Coleman
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Posted May 29 '13 @ 5:18 PM

During an interview with the head of Motorola, Dennis Woodside, the Moto X was revealed as their "lead device," and is coming this October.  One of the most interesting pieces of the interview was when Dennis announced that the device would be manufactured in a plant in Texas, formally used to assemble Nokia phones.  He says that this allows his company to design and innovate at a faster pace than when working with companies overseas.


This will be the first modern smartphone to be assembled in the US, however, some parts such as the processors and the screen will be sourced from overseas.


What do you think about this?  Sound off below!

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Cory Streater #2

Cory Streater
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Posted May 29 '13 @ 6:46 PM

Just saw this quote from an article in the WSJ

"Woodside said the Texas facility that will built the Moto X will employ 2,000 people before August."

That's a lot of jobs!
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bigdaddytee #3

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Posted May 30 '13 @ 1:58 PM

My company has hauled Motorola, HTC and Samsung phones for the last six or seven years. Always teams, always high security, often with escorts. But lately it's been mostly Sammy. I expect once this is being manufactured, we'll see a spike in Moto shipments.

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Jerrod #4

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Posted May 30 '13 @ 7:03 PM

Corporate profits are at gangbuster highs.  Wall Street is doing well.  USA job creation is the pits.  Lets give them credit for moving in the correct direction.


It’s a risk  because labor costs are so much cheaper in other countries and often the supply chain is well established in those countries.  That doesn’t mean the workforce is any better, just that companies can pay them less for their skills and house them in dorm living.  Hardware resources are easily accessible,  and thus  companies can easily reap profit.


I think I read that Moto will still keep facilities in other countries but intends to use the one here for some manu and assemblage so for this Xphone or whatever it will be called,  I think this is a good thing.  Good for Moto, Good for Google in the overall picture, and good for workers in the USA plant.


A step in a different, profit risky, but admirable direction.


Now we need folks in the USA  to realize this and  cooperate.  Will we?  Will I?


Questions,  questions.

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nitroX #5

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Posted May 30 '13 @ 7:52 PM

Yes this is great news. We need to build our economy back up and more companies should follow in their footsteps. Instead they outsource because of cheaper costs and production. Help build the economy up first and maybe you'll start seeing better sales. I guess these companies dont care though, they must be making too much profit already as it is.

It'll be interesting to see if this affects Motorolas track record for build quality. If devices start falling apart we may have a problem lol.

Jerrod #6

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Posted May 31 '13 @ 2:08 PM

I think the USA work force CAN deliver quality products....if they are allowed to...but plainly the issue is our living  standard in the USA.  This is not our fault it just is.  This and shareholder value  is what makes companies look for a cheaper workforce.  I will use myself as an example since I don't want to slam anyone.


I must or preferably  have a job that gives me the income so that I can:


Have a multi story house encompassing XXXX Sq Ft and be able to  pay to have a central AC running in the summer and Central heat in the winter and I need to be able to pay taxes on this thing. I would like to have a washer, dryer, dishwasher,  a garage ,floor to ceiling windows, a deck, so on and I want to have a supermarket within walking distance.


I need to wear good work clothes and decent casual stuff.


I need to drive a car even though I have trains, busses, subways, taxi cabs right outside the house within walking distance.


I need to eat and feed my household and I need to eat until I am full or beyond full.


OH YES I need to drink,  and did I say I need to drink.


I need to party.


The point here is that we have gradually come to have these things and our wages have increased to allow this.  NOW we have been caught in globalization allowing companies to move work to other areas that NEVER had our type of living.  Many people in other countries are doing better for themselves even at the lower salaries they are being paid.


So I agree with nitroX.  This IS great news and we need to build our economy back.  


What are WE going to do when we see companies trying to do this?  Are we going to slam them when we have a phone that doesn't break when it drops, makes quality phone calls, has a good GPS, but doesn't do split screen or doesn't do that Samsung nature stuff(or whatever it is), and is not 8 inches long in each direction( Oh please  I couldn't hold that in my hand)? 


It remains to be seen how consumers will react.  It also remains to be seen what MOTO actually delivers.  I hope for the best. 



Cyber Warrior #7

Cyber Warrior
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Posted Jul 18 '13 @ 10:37 PM

Motorola Mobility teases the upcoming X phone on Twitter - "Yep. This guy is building exactly what you think he is. Designed by you. Assembled in the USA."
moto usa.jpg


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