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The Moto X phone is finally legit, confirmed by head of Motorola.

Started by Christopher Coleman ,
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Posted May 29 '13 @ 5:28 PM

You've been hearing about it for weeks. Uncountable amounts of speculation have surfaced all around the internet, with practically no substantial evidence of this device existing. Until now, that is.

The head of Motorola, Dennis Woodside, confirmed today that the rumored X Phone is called the Moto X and is coming this October.

Personally, I'm a huge Motorola fan and can't wait to see what they show off later this year. Check out our Moto X section and let's talk about it!

Moto X section @ The Android Channel
Moto X to be assembled in the USA
Let's talk about the Moto X!

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Posted May 29 '13 @ 6:51 PM

The latest model #XT1060 passed through the FCC filing recently which is scheduled for Verizon due to it matching radio frequencies used by their CDMA as well as LTE Band 13, and Band 4 which is planned for future use by Verizon's network. The XT1060 follows past FCC filings of the XT1056 headed for Sprint and the XT1058 headed for AT&T. The only carrier we're waiting on is T-Mobile to make this a simultaneous multi-carrier launch. The XT1060 also sports a GSM band which will possibly be used by Verizon for Global support.


It's also noted that the Moto X Phone will supposedly run stock Android, thanks in part to a Google’s Motorola acquisition.


Below are some leaked (but not final) images of what this phone could possibly look like as well as the FCC filings.



images courtesy of FCC/Tinhte.vn


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