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Google’s Moto X - Android takes the last bite of Apple

Started by Cyber Warrior ,
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Posted Jun 9 '13 @ 8:23 PM

Apple, the company that apparently could do no wrong for almost a decade, has had its fair share of criticism over the past year and within substantial reasoning. iOS has not only lost its lead, but has become overpowered by Google’s Android, its pace of innovation has slowed with no new products coming until this fall as well as an exceptional lag for the last decade. At one point its stock has also tanked, dropping more than 40% from its high.
However, the past is not the main concern, the future is and that’s where we may see Apple start to decline further. Little by little the iPhone is increasingly becoming a Google phone.. things such as the browser and maps, come from Mountain View, not Cupertino and it looks like the path is continuing in this direction. Google not only launched voice search for its Chrome browser, but also announced that it will soon be coming to iPads and iPhones as a replacement for Siri. If you havent noticed, Google is hard at work constantly updating and bettering their apps making them more useful and user friendly as well as more productive and easier to integrate between different devices and computers... something Apple is well known for with its simplicity of having a person who's not so tech savy, be able to pick up their devices and everything seamlessly works all in one.
And it’s not just Google stealing the spotlight. Many reviewers consider Samsung’s Galaxy S4 superior to the iPhone 5. 
So it’s not surprising that many observers have started to wonder whether Apple can still cut it.
Enter the Moto X:
Smartphones may finally be heading in the right direction of becoming more affordable, thanks to the folks at Google who want to put a big dent in Apple’s iPhone business.
According to the Financial Times, “Google is preparing an attack on Apple’s iPhone with a device that is more aware of its surroundings and smart enough to anticipate how it will be used next.” Google purchased Motorola back in 2011 and the subsidiary has apparently been working on creating a device called the 'Moto X phone' that will cost a lot less than the iPhone but pack a ton of advanced technology and features based around sensors. 

Dennis Woodside, the CEO of Motorola Mobility, told attendees at the D11 Conference in southern California that the Moto X would be sold with much lower margins than any other smartphone and hinted that it would be on the market sometime this summer. “Those products earn 50 percent margins,” he said, according to the Financial Times. “We don’t necessarily have those constraints. Those [margins] will not persist.” Most of the Moto X will also be made in the USA, a fact that is sure to win the phone a little bit of love, particularly since it means the hiring of 2,000 people in Texas right off the bat.
The Moto X phone is more than just a new Android handset. Its a strategic plan by Google that's been in the works since they acquired Motorola back in 2011. The political move to attack Apples sales and stocks just might be the final bite of what's left of Apple and their iPhone. We've seen this happen before in the past with BlackBerry being dominated due to the lack of innovation. There will always be loyal Apple followers the same as there are for BlackBerry, but if Apple wants to stay on top of the game, then they need to start thinking about making some major changes.
It will definitely be an interesting year between Google/Motorola and Apple. Will the Moto X phone deliver the goods and does Apple have any tricks up their sleeves with the new iPhone? We're about to find out soon enough.
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Posted Jun 10 '13 @ 6:41 AM

Well said, I could not agree more.  They have to open up their ecosystem to new services and features, and they have to speed up their ability to bring these new services and features to their users.  Today's WWDC for Apple is the first clue we'll get as to where they are headed.  If we see nothing new or surprising or innovative today, and we see an iPhone 5S in the fall that is barely different than the current iPhone, they are gonna get crushed over the next year or two by Google/Android.  And I think MSFT is actually stepping up with Windows 8 and all the new hybrid and AIO devices the Surface has inspired.  Whether you like MSFT/Windows 8 or not, you can't argue they are sitting still and not trying to keep up and actually bring something new to the game.  I want to see Apple remain a major competitive force, but I'm not sure they have what it takes anymore without that crazy asshole of a genius Jobs running the show.


Update: Watched the WWDC, they introduced iOS 7.  It looks a lot better, they needed a fresh new look for sure.  But the "features" they added are all old news for Google/Android devices.  And Tim Cook came off as rather defensive to me, something Apple/Jobs never had to do.  And they introduced iTunes Radio...yawn.

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Posted Jun 10 '13 @ 11:40 AM

Considering iOS7 looks eerily similar to Android supports this. Apple's innovation dried up years ago.

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