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Mad Catz unveils Project M.O.J.O., an Android gaming console to take on the OUYA

Started by Christopher Coleman ,
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Posted Jun 11 '13 @ 8:39 AM

Mad Catz was proud to reveal its first entry into the world of game consoles running Android today, called Project M.O.J.O.  The company describes the device as something very similar to a smartphone, with an HDMI port to bring the mobile gaming experience to your living room.  The company has stated that the device will have access to Google Play, so any game you've purchased from these two sources should be playable on the new console at no extra cost.
The device is designed to work with the company's GameSmart peripherals, which includes mice, keyboards, controllers and more.  The console itself will ship with one controller and an HDMI cable.  The controller packaged with the console is the company's "console-like" C.T.R.L.R. controller, which provides Bluetooth connectivity and a "mouse mode" which has the intended purpose of providing input for touch based games.
More information should be available as E3 progresses today, and we will be sure to update this post with some exact hardware specs when they become available, but right now we're looking at the standard HDMI, USB, micro USB, a Micro SD card slot and a headphone jack on the console itself.  The company mentioned TegraZone games, so it seems like a safe bet that this will be packing a Tegra 4.


At this point, it's a pretty solid assumption that you've decided whether you care about Android home gaming or not.  I'm always intrigued by the prospect and it's cool to see multiple companies jumping on it.  I'm just not sure what will seperate this from the Ouya.  For you gamers out there, is Mad Catz a reputable enough brand name for you to trust them over a Kickstarter-backed console? Let us know what you think below!



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