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Moto X Specs Leaked

Started by Cory Streater ,
Moto X Leaked Specs

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Posted Jul 22 '13 @ 12:34 PM

I am rethinking my previous statement about the phone only having 16Gig of space.  On my Gnex with 32Gig I currently have 22 available.  So with apps, pics and whatever else is sitting in downloads(I will have to check on this because there is a ton of stuff in there I probably don't need) I am consuming 10 GIG.  If I get a 16GiG phone and load all the crap onto it that I have I will have 6 Gig left.  This may be enough for me.   

And, really, you can use dropbox/google+ for pictures and not have to worry about keeping them on your phone. 

I have the Rickets! 

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Posted Jul 22 '13 @ 2:39 PM

I'm so glad I started using the Google+ cloud.. ever since I accidentally wiped out my SD Card and lost everything. Now I don't have to really worry about internal storage, then again I never really went over 16GB in the first place.


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Posted Jul 24 '13 @ 8:11 AM

It seems the MSM8960DT is a tweaked version of the MSM8960T ....


It's basically a custom Qualcomm processor tweaked by Moto and promoted as the "X8" as we've seen on the new Droid lineup...


"Motorola arrives at its "eight core" figure by taking the 2 CPU cores, 4 GPU cores, and a couple of co-processors (one for "contextual computing" and one for voice processing)" ...


This could be very interesting if it turns out to perform as it should on the Moto X because of all the new features such as the phone always listening for hot words (from your voice only) and the new notifications on the lock screen as the screen is turned off (using only a few specific pixels from the display to not have to wake the screen up completely) and all other battery draining processes... 


So far this looks like Moto is going for user experience optimization across the board as opposed to going the specs route...


Now all we need is to actually see the damn phone perform in real life! 


Here's to hoping for a game changer or at least a stepping stone...

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Posted Sep 23 '13 @ 1:39 PM

Read today that AnandTech did some benchmarks of the new Apple phone with IOS7. Headline says it was Benchmarked it against top competing Android phones like the Galaxy S4 and the iphone phone with is dual core whatever it is...blasted away from the Galaxy S4 as far as benchmarks go.  


Did not  read the article so don't know how iphone compared to Moto X if they even tested it.  Not too surprised if they tested a system from an OEM because I have always thought that the OEMS don't' use the best coding techniques...they simply throw Ram and chips.. to the phone .to get better performance out of their "enhancements". Don't know if they tested a Nexus devices, but do the tech bloggers consider them completing devices?


If this is true what do you think this is saying about specs in a phone?  Do you  think that if Google incorporated the UI into the operating system we would see a faster response.  In other words the UI is not simply the launcher app but it is actually a system app or in the Kernel.  I bet this could be done.  Let the UI be a system app or in the Kernel  but let it  be smart enough to recognize another launcher....like it does now and then simply point to that instead of the hard coded system app. If a system app can be coded this should be able to be done. 


I don't know enough about this technology but I am thinking that they might need two kernel systems...one with the stock stuff included, an alternate that will get used if a user or OEM installs another UI.


Just thinking that's all...probably way off too  LOL.

Updated by Jerrod, Sep 23 '13 @ 1:48 PM.

C Sab #35

C Sab
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Posted Sep 24 '13 @ 12:23 PM

All I have to say is, benchmarks can be tampered with easily and as such they are not definitive by any means and I personally don't put any credibility to them. Besides, none of it is even noticeable in real world usage. Apple is just trying to grasp at straws to make their phone look like the best.

Malik Suleman #36

Malik Suleman
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Posted Nov 16 '15 @ 2:10 PM

i just watched out and will search more