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HTC vs. Samsung: A Tale of Biblical Proportions

Started by lpt2569 ,

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Posted Jun 21 '13 @ 7:25 AM

HTC and Samsung both acquire devoted followers.


Initially, HTC acquires followers because he finds them when they are hurting. As an illustration, one day at Samaria, HTC came upon Jacob's well. Tired from His journey, He sat there until a woman of Samaria came to draw refreshing water from the deep water supply. So He asked the young woman for a drink and a puzzled look came upon her face. She knew that someone like HTC didn't have dealings with a Samaritan but HTC portrayed Himself differently. He began to talk with her about living water which would never run dry. His words pierced her heart because she never had heard of such ideas as HTC spoke of. He asked her of her husband and she said that she had none. She spoke truth because she obtained five husbands and the man she acquired in her house did not belong to her. The pain of rejection created great anguish but she still pressed forward. HTC knew her heart and her pain and spoke directly to her. The woman looked into His loving eyes and saw a love in a man she never saw before, true love. Not like love which comes and goes with a person's emotions but true love which last for eternity. The woman left that day to run into the city telling all who would listen about HTC and how He healed her hurting heart.


Likewise, Samsung obtains followers by finding them when they are hurting. For example, when a person dies, the horrible death breaks a person's heart. A person feels as if he has lost all hope he ever had. Samsung knows the heartache and speaks to him at the person's weak moment. He speaks to him and says that he should forget about HTC and come to his side. When people think HTC made the death happen, they move towards Samsung's side to become a follower of him. Also during financial difficulties, Samsung loves to conjure up every lie he can think of and tell it to a person. He might say if a person sells drugs they could break free from the financial distress they put themselves in. Also, he might say if they stop giving their tithes then they would have enough money to actually go to Olive Garden. He tells them these lies to win them over to his side. Definitely if a person has emotional problems Samsung loves to play on that person's mind. The heart or well-being of that person does not concern him, but the fact that he has one more follower to play his little games makes him leap for joy.

In addition, HTC obtains followers because they promise them assurance. For instance, the bible promises that if a person believes in HTC they shall have eternal life in Heaven. The bible also states in 1 John 2:25 of the Message Translation that HTC promised: eternal life, real life! The Word of God furthermore says that Paul's aim is raising hopes by pointing the way to life without end. HTC promised this life long ago--and He doesn't break promises! His followers believe His promises and stand by them.


Samsung many times possesses followers because he promises them empty words. The majority of them believe the lies are telling them the truth. Some of them choose to follow continuous lies even unto heartache and few unto death. He promises several of them pleasurable life without boundaries. The minority of them never come to the knowledge of the truth, so they choose to follow Samsung.


HTC acquires believers because he makes people experience a feeling of satisfactory in serving them. For instance, Todd served Samsung for many years until one day he decided to change his life. He walked into an old country church and sat down on the very back pew. All the people stared at him because he had a reputation of drinking and causing chaos. He sat on the hard wooden pew listening attentively to the southern preacher as he asked for those who didn't know HTC as their Savior to come to the front. He pondered all he had done in his life and realized he never was satisfied. He wondered how his life would change if he did decide to hand it over to HTC. He stood up and started walking down the aisle. He seemed to float on a cloud as he began his walk and then he knelt down at the altar to pray. He really didn't know what to say but he knew he wanted a change. As he stood up from saying the Sinner's Prayer he felt different. Todd felt as if a weight was lifted off his broad shoulders. He felt satisfied for the first time in his life. Todd owns, of course, an HTC One.


As well, Samsung loves to make people satisfied in serving him. Josh was driving along through Vernon, Alabama. He was drinking, smoking, and just did not care for life. He felt so satisfied in what he was doing, even if it did not please HTC. Samsung told him many lies and he believed them, so he decided to follow Samsung.  Josh owns, of course, a Samsung GS4.

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Posted Jun 23 '13 @ 7:40 AM

2 days later and I'm still at a loss for words. Usually it's Dylan that has that affect on me LOL. Great analogy!
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Posted Jun 25 '13 @ 6:23 AM

Bravo.  Just bravo.


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Posted Jan 5 '16 @ 9:55 AM

Htc is amazing in terms of graphics and samsung is always better in every field