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Moto X Phone - What is Clear Pixel?

Started by Cyber Warrior ,
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Posted Jul 10 '13 @ 9:02 AM

Moto X Phone with Clear Pixel Technology


In recent news the upcoming phone from Motorola, the Moto X is supposed to be featuring a technology called “Clear Pixel”, capable of gesture recognition. The camera on the Moto X is also rumored to be 10 MP but keep in mind the fact that higher pixels aren’t always the better shooter. We're also now seeing leaks of the Droid Ultra, also in Motorola's lineup of upcoming phones to be released this year, and thanks to @evleaks, revealed was a RGBC camera with the 'C' most likely representing 'Clear' and 'RBG' for 'Red, Blue and Green'.


moto x_clear_pixel_camera.jpg


So what is Clear Pixel?

The term “Clear Pixel” is not new, it is actually a technology developed and patented by Kodak back in 2005 and may have been recently purchased by Google. The term is also used in LCD Televisions (also referred to as CPE or the Clear Pix Engine) to produce a natural, sharper and clearer image, through edge enhancement, colour management, digital noise reduction, and improved contrast. The thing is in a camera, the light sensor is divided into 3 sensors, which sense individual light, the primary colours Red, Green and Blue. So basically each sensor is ignoring two-thirds of the incoming light, and in return struggles with low-light and low shutter speed producing the unwanted blur in our pictures. In “Clear Pixel” each sensor can sense all 3 of the wavelengths of light and so, no matter what light condition, can reconstruct the picture from the incoming light data. And since it needs a lower exposure time, the shutter speed can be increased and motion blur can be easily avoided. Theoretically, the camera should significantly boost low light performance and reduce image capture times. Quite the tech, that should already be in most of the cameras out there.

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Posted Jul 12 '13 @ 12:30 PM

I heard somewhere that Motorola Mobility had bought the Kodak patents a little while back but I could be wrong ... 


I just really hope that "clear pixel" makes a real difference in image quality and noise reduction... at least, it doesn't seem like they have to go lower on the MP count like the One with this technology...