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Leak shows Moto X, HTC One coming to Verizon in August

Started by Cyber Warrior ,
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Posted Jul 12 '13 @ 6:36 AM

Thanks to an anonymous source who dropped this in the inbox of the guys over at PhoneArena, we have what appears to be Verizon's launch schedule for the next several weeks, and it shows the Moto X set to "go to market" on August 23.


Also coming soon is the Android superphone that Verizon subscribers have been waiting to get their hands on for months.. the HTC One, which is shown as arriving on August 1.


In addition to the HTC One and Moto X, we also have on the list the LG Exalt offering crystal clear sound quality and the largest display on a basic flip phone and the Samsung Convoy 3 which is built to military specifications allowing it to be dust, shock, vibration and temperature proof.


Keep in mind it's only a screen grab so nothing is official or final until announced to the public, so you never know if a launch date will be delayed but according to sources the list does seem to be legit and August could be a big month for Verizon and its customers.




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Posted Jul 13 '13 @ 6:20 AM

Why do I have a feeling that when the Moto X comes out Verizon will in some way screw the users.

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Posted Jul 14 '13 @ 7:05 AM

Because that's how they roll lol

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