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Android Hackery: How To Remove Bloatware Once Rooted

Started by Cory Streater ,
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Posted Jul 18 '13 @ 8:10 AM

In this video tutorial, I'll demo how to use Root Explorer to remove baked in Verizon applications, such as:


•  Visual Voicemail — use Google Voice and save $3 a month.


•  VZ Navigator - use Google maps and save $10 a month.


•  CityID - enter "City State" into the search box in Google Play, and save $2 a month.


•  VZ Tones, VZ Accessories, VZ Backup and Restore, etc..


Just remember, Verizon doesn't take kindly to customers choosing to remove apps they intended to permanently shove down the customers throat. If you need to return your phone to it's stock state, I would recommend following this procedure.


If you're interested in the written version of this procedure, check out this link.


Note: As much as I like to pick on Verizon, the other carriers do it as well. Luckily, this procedure will work with any rooted phone.


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