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Posted Jul 22 '13 @ 9:28 PM

I see the x being called a "mid range" phone. Don't they see???????? Look at a current super phone, the S4. Lag lag lag. Benchmarks don't matter! It's USER EXPERIENCE. Samsung is awesome, but they are going for the Swiss army knife approach. It'll do things you didn't know you wanted it to!! New moto has the hardware and software to not only deliver your expectations, but anticipate them. I, Personally, think this is perfect. Google now, contextual awareness, good camera. Plus can run ANY app from the play store as well at 99 percent of any phone out there. Don't forget that the s4 needs an extra processor just for eye tracking!! Spec war? BAH! Google will not let moto flop. Perfect phone imoa. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 2 Edit: I'm talking about the Motorola x. Not Verizon's new droid

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Posted Jul 23 '13 @ 8:56 AM

Which is true, most phones don't truly make use of quadcore and it just becomes a drain on the battery, same goes for the displays. They really need to improve the battery technology as well as the software before they keep ramping up the specs of phones. What's causing them to lag is the manufacturer skins.

Now on the other hand, Motorola is known for making phones with incredible battery life, they probably could have bumped the specs up a little bit, maybe not quadcore but at least a better display, I think their extra battery juice they put in their phones would have balanced it all out... but what I think they're trying to do is put out an affordable phone off contract that has some great software and decent hardware and in order to do that they have to cut back in some areas. I'm holding my final judgment until I can see the price of the phone... and the actual damn phone lol.
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Posted Nov 16 '15 @ 2:06 PM

nice sharing and keep this up