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Google Play music - advice needed

Started by Jerrod ,

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Jerrod #1

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Posted Jul 30 '13 @ 5:54 PM

I am taking a plane trip in a day and am trying to pin songs to my phone so I can listen while flying.  So far it's frustrating.


When I select the song there is no option to pin it to the phone.  There is an option to add it to some Queue - what queue is this?  I don't want a make a play queue, I don't want to make a play list.


When I select the album that contains the one song there is the pin option.  I don't want to copy the entire album to my phone just one song from it.


 So far this looks like a confusing mess, and I can't tell if anything has been pinned to the phone or not. Can anyone offer suggestions.

Cory Streater #2

Cory Streater
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Posted Jul 30 '13 @ 11:30 PM

I can't figure it out either. It wants to download the entire album. I'll have to play around with it more.

dmmarck #3

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Posted Jul 31 '13 @ 3:58 AM

Hmmm.  Just tried it myself--I guess it's album or playlist only.


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Posted Jul 31 '13 @ 4:41 AM

You need to add the songs to your library.. you can build a queue/playlist, which will be easier for downloading (all at once) or you can individually add each song to the library and then download one by one. All will be located in the library though.. including the queue.

Once you're in your library, you can open up each individual song and click on the 'pin' (orange pin means it's downloaded and on your phone)
Posted Image

Or you can go to the playlist/queue and click on the pin to download all the songs at once (much easier)
Posted ImagePosted Image

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