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Motorola Nexus 5??

Started by Jessesmith888 ,

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Jessesmith888 #1

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Posted Aug 19 '13 @ 12:35 PM

I'll leave this here... And also, he's saying that the phone pictured is NOT the Nexus 5 as was speculated today. But that it looks like it will be made by Motorola... Sent from my Nexus 4

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Updated by Jessesmith888, Aug 19 '13 @ 12:41 PM.

Jerrod #2

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Posted Aug 19 '13 @ 2:12 PM

Wouldn't mind if Moto did make the next Nexus. I'm under contract until December 23 of this year, so not able to get a Moto X or anything else unless I want to pay to break contract, so plan to wait until the next Nexus is released to determine what my next phone will be.  I actually like the Moto X concept and I like that it is a phone with a small footprint, so yeah would like to see Moto do a Nexus this year.

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C Sab #3

C Sab
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Posted Aug 19 '13 @ 2:28 PM

I guess the Moto X impressed Google enough that it showed them Motorola is ready to take on the next entry in Google's own line of devices. This will probably save them a few headaches too since Google owns Motorola.