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Think the Moto X is too expensive? A budget version is on the way.

Started by Christopher Coleman ,

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Christopher Coleman #1

Christopher Coleman
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Posted Aug 29 '13 @ 12:52 PM

The Moto X is slowly making its way to all the major carriers, and is certainly an enticing device.  The specs are not top of the line, but it will certainly be more than capable for a majority of use cases.  That, coupled with the Moto Maker customization options make the phone even more attractive.  The least appealing thing about the device though, arguably, is the price.  $200 on contract, and $600 off is simply too steep for what you get.  I could get behind that if it was the customized device price, but it isn't -- whether you stick with standard woven black or pimp it out with accents and different colored fronts / backs, it's the same price.
CNet conducted an interview with the CEO of Motorola which was published August 1st, stating the following:

"The experience of devices you can get for less than $200 is subpar right now," Woodside said. "We want everyone to have access to affordable smartphones."

The picture you're looking at to the right are supposedly interchangeable back plates for a lower-cost version of the Moto X.  Motorola appears poised to turn the Moto X into a brand as opposed to a single device, with multiple phones (and?) coming down the pipeline in the future.  The question remains though, if the specs in the current Moto X aren't top of the line by any means, what will a budget version look like?  Will it ditch the customization, or the 'assembled in the USA' tag?  We'll have to wait and see.

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Cory Streater #2

Cory Streater
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Posted Aug 30 '13 @ 8:52 AM

I wonder how they will tweak the specs to lower the cost? They must have a smaller screen in mind for sure, because just tweaking the CPU/memory would impact the user experience too much.

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C Sab
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Posted Aug 31 '13 @ 7:43 AM

I wonder if Moto Maker will be available for this budget model.

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Posted Nov 28 '15 @ 1:38 AM

as a student its more than mine budget