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Moto X Stock Gallery Does Not Sync With Google/Picasa Photo Albums

Started by BobbyKing ,

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BobbyKing #1

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Posted Aug 29 '13 @ 7:23 PM

A weird thing I have noticed is that the gallery app Motorola included on the phone does not sync with your albums saved on Picasa/Google+.  The phone will only show the photos taken with the camera, downloads, and pictures associated with downloaded apps.  I found this to be a little strange.

Jerrod #2

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Posted Sep 10 '13 @ 11:06 AM

A while ago I was getting all kinds of photos from google Plus in my phone gallery.  Turns out it was photos from pages that I went to in Google Plus..pictures of people and things and had no interest in seeing more than once.  There was a workaround posted for this  so that you could delete this crap from your phone albums.


Now it seems that there are independent apps for Google plus and Google settings  that show up in the app drawer. I think you use these to control syncing.  Don't know if Moto X has these app but if it does this may be the place you go to get the sync you want.

Malik Suleman #3

Malik Suleman
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Posted Nov 28 '15 @ 1:39 AM

you can go to google and theiir is solution