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CyanogenMod becomes Cyanogen Inc., teases auto-installer app and hardware manufacturer partnership

Started by Christopher Coleman ,

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Posted Sep 18 '13 @ 10:24 AM

Steve Kondik turned to the CyanogenMod blog today to tell the world about the history of CM, and what's in store.  Going forward, Steve and the rest of the CM team have incorporated themselves, now operating under Cyanogen Inc.  The company acquired $7,000,000 in funding from investors and thinks that CM can take the spot of third most popular mobile operating system, next to iOS and Android.
Steve says that the largest problem with the mass appeal for CyanogenMod comes with the sometimes heinous installation process.  Rooting, ADB, fastboot, Kies...whatever flavor you have been forced to deal with has. most of the time, been entirely too laborious, especially without an officially supported device.  So, in that regard, one of the biggest parts of today's announcement is a coming-soon CyanogenMod Installer, an application for Windows that makes the installation process as easy as possible.  Although the screenshots currently show a Windows version, Steve said that it would be available via the Play Store "in the coming weeks," so how the whole process works is not clear at this time.



Beyond that, Steve also said that the team is in talks with a hardware manufacturer which will be announced in detail next week.  If I had to wager a guess, I'd say Oppo or Sony are both possible candidates.  Sony has been a proponent of the open source aspect of Android for some time, committing to provide support to the Android Open Source Project.  Oppo, however, has directly been involved with CyanogenMod in the past, and having an official partnership in place could give them a boost in popularity, which certainly wouldn't hurt.  When was the last time a carrier tried to sell you an Oppo device?  Yeah, that's what I thought.


The rampant growth in features and supported devices from CyanogenMod will only continue to power forward, and we are excited to see what happens.  What do you guys think?  Does the prospect of the Windows installer or a "Cyanogen Phone" excite you?


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Posted Sep 18 '13 @ 5:49 PM

This is a really interesting development! I really enjoyed reading Steve's story. I didn't realize their office was just blocks always from me.

I think they have a real shot at this if the carriers don't get in the way and screw it up.
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