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Verizon Galaxy S4 Apps That Are Safe To Remove Once Rooted

Started by Cory Streater ,
Verizon Galaxy S4 Rooted Bloatware

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Posted Oct 8 '13 @ 5:50 PM


The Verizon Galaxy S4 is chock-full of carrier bloatware — clogging up the app drawer and eating up system resources. Unfortunately, Verizon prevents removal of these apps. Once rooted, you can take matters into your own hands and remove at will.

I've compiled a list of apps that I've safely removed from the System App folder, preventing them from starting and/or displaying in the app drawer.

At the bottom of this list, you'll also find additional files and folders that can safely be removed, and in some cases doing so results in significant savings.

You will need a file management application, capable of accessing system folders. Samsung's built in My Files app doesn't provide access to system folders. However, there are apps in the Play Store that do. My favorite is Root Explorer, but there are many to choose from. Check out our detailed Removing Carrier Bloatware tutorial for more info.

  Verizon Bloatware:

Note: With the exception of Verizon's SSO and Remote Diagnostics apps, all apps are available in the Play Store, should you decide you want to reinstall them. Backup Assistant is called Verizon Cloud in the Play Store.

Amazon Apps
  • Amazon_Appstore.apk
  • Amazon_Audible.apk
  • Amazon_IMDB.apk
  • Amazon_MP3.apk
  • Amazon_Shopping.apk
  • Amazon_Widget.apk
  • Kindle.apk
VZ Tones VzTones.apk
City ID candid.apk
NFL Mobile com.mobitv.client.nfl2010.apk
VZ Navigator VZNavigator.apk
Trip Advisor TripAdivsor.apk
Backup Assistant ba-syncservice-app-signed.apk
Verizon Single Sign On VzwSilentSSOEngine.apk
Flipboard Flipboard.apk
Match3 vs. Animals Match3VS.apk
My Verizon MyVerizon.apk
Verizon Remote Diagnostics (used by Verizon Support staff) Aetherpal.apk
Poker Com2usPoker_ASGC.apk
viewdini Viewdini.apk
VMWare VMwareReady.apk

  Samsung Apps:

Samsung Hub/Apps
  • SamsungHub.apk
  • SamsungHubUpdater.apk
  • SamsungBooks.apk
  • SamsungBooks.odex
  • SamsungGames.apk
  • SamsungGames.odex
  • SamsungMusic.apk
  • SamsungVideo.apk
VMS Video Messenger VMS.apk
Samsung Kies
  • kieswifi.apk
  • kieswifi.odex
Page Buddy
  • PageBuddyNotiSvc2.apk
  • PageBuddyNotiSvc2.odex
Samsung S Cloud
  • sCloudDataRelay.apk
  • sCloudDataSync.apk
  • sCloudQuotaApp.apk
  • sCloudSyncCalendar.apk
  • sCloudSyncSBrowserBookmark.apk
  • sCloudSyncSBrowserTabs.apk
  • sCloudSyncSNote.apk
Samsung WatchON SamsungWatchON.apk
Peel Remote Control Peel.apk
S Health S Health2.apk
S Memo
  • SMemo2.apk
  • SMemo2.odex
S Note
  • SNoteProvider.apk
  • SNoteProvider.odex
S Planner
  • SPlannerAppWidget_NAmerica.apk
  • SPlannerAppWidget_NAmerica.odex
  • SPlannerAppWidget_NAmerica.apk
S Translator
  • S_Translator_CSLi.apk
  • S_Translator_CSLi.odex
S Voice S-Voice_Android_phone_J.apk
Accuweather AccuweatherPhone2013.apk
Samsung Mobile Print
  • MobilePrint2.apk
  • MobilePrint2.odex
  • MobilePrintSvc_CUPS.apk
  • MobilePrintSvc_CUPS_Backend.apk
  • MobilePrintSvc_Epson.apk
  • MobilePrintSvc_HP.apk
  • MobilePrintSvc_HP.apk
Samsung AllShare
  • AllShareCastPlayer.apk
  • AllShareCastPlayer.odex
  • AllSharePlay15.apk
  • AllshareControlShare.apk
  • AllshareFileShare.apk
  • AllshareFileShare.odex
  • AllshareFileShareClient.apk
  • AllshareFileShareClient.odex
  • AllshareFileShareServer.apk
  • AllshareFileShareServer.odex
  • AllshareMediaServer.apk
  • AllshareMediaServer.odex
  • AllshareMediaShare.apk
  • AllshareMediaShare.odex
  • KNOXAgent.apk
  • KNOXAgent.odex
  • KNOXStore.apk
  • KNOXStore.odex
Polaris Office PolarisOffice5.apk
  • YahoonewsPhone2013.apk
  • YahoonewsPhone2013.odex
  • YahoostockPhone2013.apk
  • YahoostockPhone2013.odex
  • WeatherWidgetDaemon.apk
  • AlarmWidget.apk
  • EasyFavoritesContactsWidget.apk
  • KeyguardWidget.apk
  • NotificationWidget.apk
  • SamsungWidget_ProgramMonitor.apk
  • SimpleWidget.apk
  • SmartBriefing4x2.apk
  • StoryAlbumWidget.apk
  • TravelWidget.apk
  • WeatherWidgetDaemon.apk

  Additional Space Saving Opportunities:

The list below includes additional files/folders that can be removed.

  1. The entire contents of /HowToVideos:
    • call_and_msg.mp4
    • device_navigation.mp4
    • email_setup.mp4
    • my_verizon.mp4
    • wifi_and_bt.mp4
  2. The entire contents of /system/media/video:
    • AndroidInSpace.240p.mp4
    • AndroidInSpace.480p.mp4
    • Sunset.240p.mp4
    • Sunset.480p.mp4
    • camera.mp4
    • group_play.mp4
    • motion.mp4
    • video_help.mp4
  3. Sounds you don't plan on using in the following folders:
    • /system/media/audio/alarms
    • /system/media/audio/notifications
    • /system/media/video
  4. Foreign language files:
    • /system/app/pak: I deleted everything except chrome.pak, en-US.pak, and resources.pak
    • /system/VODB: I deleted all folders except en_US, lib, and mul. You should also keep resources.txt
  5. Unneeded fonts in /system/fonts. I deleted those that are clearly foreign languages. I wouldn't touch Roboto or Droid Sans files.
  6. The contents of /data/clipboard. However, keep the knox folder if using it.
  7. Once you've removed all the bloatware, you can delete the contents of /data/dalvik-cache. The next time you reboot your phone, it will rebuild cache files for those apps that still exist.
  8. If you removed the Amazon suite of apps, you can delete the following files in /etc:
    • amazon-kindle.properties
    • amzn.apps.ref
    • amazn.mshop.properties
    • Audible.param

Now that you've deleted half your phone, it should run smooth as silk :)

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Posted Oct 8 '13 @ 5:57 PM

What exactly is Knox? That one's always confused me.


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Posted Oct 8 '13 @ 6:06 PM

It's a device management, VPN, and secure boot application used by IT departments. It's like a Verizon wet dream on steroids. You don't need this unless you are working for a company that requires you to have it.


About Knox

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Posted Oct 8 '13 @ 6:13 PM

Lol.. Okay thanks.. Right now I have a lot of stuff frozen with Titanium but I think I'm ready to start deleting. Thanks for the meticulous list :)
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Posted Oct 12 '13 @ 6:14 PM

FYI.. The Play Store is pushing out an update for one of Samsungs AllShare apps called AllshareCast Dongle S/W. Even if you have all traces of Samsungs Allshare service removed from your phone, you will still get this update.

To remove this update, which is almost 30mb by the way..
Using Root Explorer - remove the system app called FWUpgrade.apk and its odex file.
Using Titanium Backup- the file will not show up until you download it from the Play Store first, afterwards you can go into Titanium and remove the file called AllshareCast Dongle S/W Update.


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