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4.3 Now Available for US AT&T One Owners

Started by 7stringer ,

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Posted Oct 10 '13 @ 11:26 AM

You read it right, folks. 


Under settings, check your AT&T Software Updates--not the normal update checker under "About"--and you should be graced with a frustrating wifi-only download request for the update. I'm updating as we speak and will post some screen shots, though the internetz is a-buzz with plenty of the small changes already.


You can find more information regarding the changelog as follows: 


  • Improved notification bar with quick access to many of the most popular settings.
  • The integration of Instagram™ into HTC BlinkFeed.
  • The ability to lock the camera focus and exposure on a specific target within the viewfinder.
  • An updated HTC gallery user experience.
  • HTC Zoe® updates that include:
    • The option to change the file format of Zoe capture to a 3-second MP4 video and one second still JPG photo. This change will significantly reduce the amount of storage space used when capturing Zoe shots.
  • Updated visualizer features within the HTC Music app.
  • The ability to add widgets to the lock screen.
  • New home key secondary functions to quickly access either Google Now or the menu.
  • New settings for the battery percentage notification.

So, go forward, update, and let us know what you think! 

Updated by 7stringer, Oct 10 '13 @ 11:27 AM.

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I have the Rickets! 

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Posted Oct 10 '13 @ 11:29 AM

Weird, I thought it was available in August?


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