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Moto Maker for Everyone (In the US. ) Also, should this be a normal thing?

Started by C Sab ,

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C Sab #1

C Sab
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Posted Nov 11 '13 @ 8:43 AM

So, I read that now Moto Maker is available for all the major carriers, but only in the US. Still, only one carrier in Canada even has access to the Moto X (Rogers) so it's not like this will affect many non-Americans negatively anyway.

I had a thought though as per usual: do you think something like Moto Maker should be available for all phones? Imagine a time where when each new phone was released you could customize it just like you can with the Moto X. Good idea or no?

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Cyber Warrior #2

Cyber Warrior
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Posted Nov 12 '13 @ 10:12 AM

Hmm strange, I thought I replied to this the other day, maybe I forgot to hit submit.

I think it would be a great idea if all phones had these customization options, but.. I think the only reason it's available in the US is because the devices are assembled here which cuts down on the time it takes from ordering a custom design and then quickly getting it in the hands of consumers. If they had to ship to other countries, it might take weeks before you receive your custom phone. That's my assumption, I could be wrong.. but I think I remember reading about this once before.


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Posted Nov 16 '15 @ 2:12 PM

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