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Google's Santa Tracker will be Chromecast-enabled this year

Started by Christopher Coleman ,

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Christopher Coleman #1

Christopher Coleman
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Posted Dec 4 '13 @ 10:11 AM

What a cool idea for those with kiddos. On the Google Maps blog, it has been announced that Google's Santa Tracker app will soon be available on Google Play and will be Chromecast-enabled. Google, of course, is also offering a web version with daily games and such, as well as a Chrome extension, but the highlight of this year's updates seem to focus on the Android app.

From Google...

Use your phone for on-the-go flight practice with the elves or cozy up near the fireplace with your tablet to follow Santa around the world as he delivers presents Christmas Eve. If you have Chromecast, cast from the Santa Tracker Android app to explore the Village or track his route right from your TV.

Google says the app will launch 'mid-December.' We'll be sure to keep an eye out.


Jerrod #2

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Posted Jan 17 '14 @ 1:53 PM

Chris Did you track Santa This year?  


Growing up I heard the Santa thing, but often wondered how it worked.  Many times there was no snow at Christmas so I wondered how Santa was going to get his sled down a concrete street.  Then the was the matter of coming down our chimney.  We had Gas heat and there was no way a person was going to come down that chimney flue.


I used to worry that Santa would make it down our Chimney and  and then get his butt burned  as he landed right in the gas flames, so that he would quickly jump back up and wouldn't leave any presents.


Santa thing can sometimes be cruel to children.


I live in a city and one year in December we were shopping and I mentioned to my mother that I didn't understand how there could be a Santa Clause in every store and even on every other block when December 25 hadn't arrived.


She said  What do you think?....do you think it is possible for a person to be in more places than once?    A light bulb went on in my head!


Chromescast is pretty good.  I use it to stream Google Music to my receiver and through my sound system.