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Huge Google Play Games sale going on right now!

Started by Christopher Coleman ,

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Christopher Coleman #1

Christopher Coleman
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Posted Dec 13 '13 @ 10:42 AM

Looking for something new to waste your time on during the Holiday season? Google Play Games has a number of games on sale for players right now. The list of games is as follows:
The entire Kemco Games library, including hits such as Symphony of Eternity, and many other RPGs for Android, are on sale for 99 cents each. Some of the titles are available for free as well. Check out the whole list here.
An assortment of other games from various publishers are up to 75% off. Here's the list:

Grabbing anything from either of these sales? Let us know below!

Author's Thoughts

I'm certainly grabbing Monopoly at the reduced price. The RPG selection is enticing but I have a feeling they would sit forever unplayed knowing my gaming habits. Draw Something is always a fun and safe bet. If you haven't tried that one, or only the first iteration, I recommend purchasing that one at the very least. Sonic is always fun too. Lots of good games to be had here for sure.

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Lee Bo #2

Lee Bo
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Posted Dec 18 '13 @ 12:48 PM

Looks like Wipeout has dropped to $.99, but other than that the prices are still good.  :-)


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wyndslash #3

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Posted Dec 19 '13 @ 7:12 AM

Tiny Thief is a great game, though a bit short. Well worth the money :)

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