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MTV releases official app with exclusive content and full episodes

Started by Christopher Coleman ,

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Christopher Coleman
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Posted Dec 24 '13 @ 7:55 AM

If a Teen Mom marathon is exactly how you wanted to spend your holiday, MTV has you covered. Today marks the release of an official app from the network which offers full episodes, exclusive bonus content and digital series, video from MTV News, and a second-screen experience for live broadcasts.
First and foremost, the app allows you to watch full episodes -- so long as your cable provider has given you access. Just sign in and start streaming via 3G or Wi-Fi. MTV says right in the app description that they are working to gain support for all television providers. Users are also offered content without signing in such as sneak peeks of upcoming programming, video from MTV News / Style / Movies / Other, along with special awards show and live performance coverage.
Users are also offered a second-screen experience, which MTV will use during each weeks’ premiere episode. This will offer, among other things, information on currently playing music during the episode, photos, trivia, and chat via Facebook.
If you're interested in this, just head on over to Google Play to grab the app. It's free.

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Posted Jan 10 '14 @ 4:14 PM

Sadly, another channel streaming app that requires a provider sign in. In other words, worthless to a prospective cable cutter like me. <sigh>

Hopefully other content creators follow the WWE's lead and start releasing their stuff to the public a-la-carte and give up on this provider approved bullshit. I'd like nothing more than to finally be able to tell the cable company where they can stick their nearly $200 monthly tab (basic+HD package+internet) and pick and choose the streaming channels to my liking.