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HTC wants you to understand how software upgrades work

Started by Christopher Coleman ,

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Christopher Coleman #1

Christopher Coleman
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Posted Dec 27 '13 @ 7:23 AM

HTC clearly understands that waiting for an update for your phone can be frustrating. The company has taken to their official site that contains two pretty awesome things. One being a detailed status on the HTC One's 4.4 update, and another being a massive graphic detailing the upgrade process for the carrier branded, unlocked, and Google Play editions of the HTC One. It takes us through every step of the process, and what is arguably the most important part: that HTC isn't always at fault for the upgrades not appearing in a timely matter (or at all.) Chipset manufacturers and carriers are also large parts of the update process.


Check out the graphic "Anatomy of an Android OS Update" at HTC's official site.


via Android Police

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Cyber Warrior #2

Cyber Warrior
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Posted Dec 27 '13 @ 7:35 AM

Just finished going over the diagram.. Awesome of HTC to put this out.. very informative. Now I have an idea of where my KitKat update waits for my GS4..somewhere in the belly of the Droid :P lol


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Posted Dec 27 '13 @ 9:04 AM

They're still at fault for botching up the ICS update for my 3VO. But I have my Nexus 5 now so it hardly matters.

Cory Streater #4

Cory Streater
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Posted Dec 27 '13 @ 10:19 AM

The fact that they went through the trouble of putting this together says a lot about their commitment to customer satisfaction. One of things that drives me the most nuts is not knowing where my phone stands, in terms of software updates, and who to look to/blame when I don't get them in a timely manner. Well done, HTC. Now, impress me with the reincarnation of the original Nexus chassis, 2014 internals, and Sense sold separately.