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Why does Android take more resources than IOS

Started by Jerrod ,

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Jerrod #1

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Posted Dec 28 '13 @ 10:31 PM



This article compares their ideas about the iPhone 5s and the HTC one.


Further in the article It states that the HTC one has a more powerful CPU, but that the Iphone 5S performes better in benchmark tests because Android takes more resources than IOS.  If this is true and I've heard something like this before....why do you think this is the case, and is there anything that Google can do to relieve this, or have they already done it with KitKat?



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C Sab #2

C Sab
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Posted Dec 29 '13 @ 1:14 PM

It's probably just how Android is designed. There's a lot more that goes on behind the scenes in Android than iOS. Even with iOS7 the multitasking isn't the same as Android's.

I have to add though that benchmarks have no real credibility so I doubt the validity of the article.

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James #3

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Posted Mar 21 '15 @ 4:17 AM

Personally I like HTC for its high definition camera and feature. It’s awesome.

Brucey #4

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Posted Oct 7 '15 @ 11:14 PM

What about ASUS zenfone? It is quite better comparing with HTC

ethany #5

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Posted Nov 2 '15 @ 8:49 PM

Now, with the optimization of HTC, LG and SamSung android become lighter and smoother by removing unnecessary effects and features

tonyadam0706 #6

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Posted Jan 25 '16 @ 12:23 AM

iOS is extremely well designed and highly optimized specifically for it's iDevice's. It's the same concept with OS X and Windows. OS X is designed to run on specific hardware so it can be tweaked to run very smooth on said hardware. Windows, however, needs to run on all hardware. So it is more cluttered and filled with bits the machine it's installed on will never use. In addition to that, iOS uses a much more low level language (Objective-C) for their apps. Android uses Java. Every software were written in Jave can't run in fast speed.

vanessa110 #7

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Posted Jan 26 '16 @ 6:01 PM

oh i totally agree with Brucey. I think that Asus zenfone is better